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Focuses on business-to-business relationships and investment opportunities in the Middle East and around the world.

Why you should work with us?

Our Relationship


A strong relationship based on trust and understanding is best for business. This is even more true on an international level. It's important to be open-minded with customers, suppliers and other partners who are important to your business. Our relationships with decision-makers have been carefully built over the last few years.

Our Market Knowledge


Imagine you have developed a complex product and are planning to enter a foreign market. Already you have to think about the market situation. Most market entry strategies often fail due to a lack of information. If you do not orient yourself to the market, your chances as a new entrepreneur will deteriorate. We develop an appropriate market analysis for you to ensure a successful market entry.

Our Opportunities


Do you have a product that you would like to market internationally? You are looking for investors for your company? Or would you like to invest in companies, products or innovative investment options? We can help you with all these possibilities. We bring A and B together.


In 2016, we integrated BITROCK GLOBAL into our corporate structure and moved the company headquarters from Dubai to Austria. Initially, the focus was on sales & marketing of business-to-customer products.


First business relations in the Arab Emirates were already established in 2016 and subsequently expanded to other countries in the Middle East. Currently, the focus is on the marketing of business-to-business relationships and the creation of investment foundations for expanding companies.

"If you only do things that you know in advance how they're going to go, your business will go under."

Jeff Bezos

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